You can Host a "Practical Magic" Hostess Party
Right here in our Shoppe. Our Store will be Open Only to Your Guests.

Private Parties are Available After Regular Business Hours (our Village is simply Enchanting at nite) and will be presented by "the Aunts"...

A Minimum of 8 Guests is required…
Evermore Herb Co. Will Provide  Complimentary "Midnight Margaritas" and An Herbal Treat.
Hostess will send out Invitations and R.S.V.P. to Evermore Herb Co.

Guests will Receive 10% off Regular Priced Merchandise.
Door Prize
Guests will Register Upon Arrival for a $25.00 Gift Certificate
Sales Hostess Rewards :
 Up to $199. - 10% of Sales (in product) and 15% off one item
$ $499.- 15% of Sales(in product) and 20% off one item
$500.00 to $999.- 20% of Sales(in product) and 25% off one item
$1000. and Up- 20% of Sales(in product) and 30% off one item
Each Party Booking =$25 Gift Certificate
 P.S. Jimmy Angelov need not reply!!!