Evermore Herb FarmhouseWe started out in a late 18th century historic brick home that was once part of a 13 acre farm.Since that time parcels have been sold off and now all but one acre remain.In an attempt to preserve the home we feel we can preserve history at the same time by giving folks a glimpse of how Herbs impacted daily life.

We at Evermore Herb Farm firmly believe life is cycular and as hokey as it may sound...that we can prepare for our future by understanding our past. Our objective is to share a basic understanding of LIVING SIMPLY so as to slow down our present hectic lives and to learn to stop and smell the horehound...

Evermore Herb Co. Historic Smithville Shoppe

In May of 2009 , we opened our new retail location in The Historic Towne of Smithville,right around the corner from our farm.Check our blackboard for upcoming workshops or call and schedule an in-our-house hostess party for up to twelve friends.Call for details and Hostess Incentives.

Also, please make a point to fill out a card with your special dates and favorite store items, in our Wish List Register. Tell your friends and family and never be disappointed with socks again....

Shop Location: Historic Towne of Smithville 3 N. New York Road Shoppe 9 Smithville, N.J. 08205
Shoppe Hours:
Hours change seasonally. Please call us @ 609-573-5175 for current seasonal hours or visit HistoricSmithvilleNJ.com for shop hours.